* Undergraduate mentee
+ Corresponding author

Conference Proceedings

A research framework for understanding education-occupation alignment with NLP techniques [link][paper]
Yu; Das; Gurajada; Varshney; Raghavan; Lastra-Anadon
NLP for Positive Impact (ACL Workshop), 2021

Should college dropout prediction models include protected attributes? [link][paper]
Yu; Lee; Kizilcec
ACM Conference on Learning @ Scale (L@S), 2021
Best Paper Nomination

Construction of weighted course co-enrollment network [paper]
Li; Yu
Using Network Science in Learning Analytics: Building Bridges towards a Common Agenda (NetSciLA), 2021

Interpretable models do not compromise accuracy or fairness in predicting college success [link][paper]
Kung*; Yu
ACM Conference on Learning @ Scale (L@S), 2020

Towards accurate and fair prediction of college success: evaluating different sources of student data [paper][video]
Yu; Li; Fischer; Doroudi; Xu
International Conference on Educational Data Mining (EDM), 2020

LIWCs the same, not the same: gendered linguistic signals of performance and experience in online STEM courses [link][paper]
Lin; Yu; Dowell
International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED), 2020

Student behavioral embeddings and their relationship to outcomes in a collaborative online course [paper]
Yu; Pardos; Scott
Learning Analytics: Building Bridges Between the Education and the Computing Communities (EDM Workshop), 2019

Utilizing learning analytics to map students’ self-reported study strategies to click behaviors in stem courses [link][paper]
Rodriguez; Yu; Park; Rivas; Warschauer; Sato
International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge (LAK), 2019

Deconstructing the Evolution of Collaborative Learning Networks [link][paper]
Connectivism: Using Learning Analytics to Operationalize A Research Agenda (LAK Workshop), 2019

Understanding student procrastination via mixture models [link][paper]
Park; Yu; Rodriguez; Baker; Smyth; Warschauer
International Conference on Educational Data Mining (EDM), 2018
Best Paper Award

Representing and predicting student navigational pathways in online college courses [link][paper]
Yu; Jiang; Warschauer
ACM Conference on Learning @ Scale (L@S), 2018

Journal Articles

Opening the black box: user-log analyses of children’s e-Book reading and associations with word knowledge [link][paper]
Umarji; Day; Xu; Zargar; Yu; Connor
Reading and Writing, 2021

The benefits and caveats of using clickstream data to understand student self-regulatory behaviors: opening the black box of learning processes [link][paper]
Baker; Xu; Park; Yu; Li; Cung; Fischer; Rodriguez; Warschauer; Smyth
International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education, 2020

Mining big data in education: affordances and challenges [link][paper]
Fischer; Pardos; Baker; Williams; Smyth; Yu; Slater; Baker; Warschauer
Review of Research in Education, 2020

Quasi-experimental evidence of a school equalization reform on housing prices in Beijing [link][paper]
Ha; Yu
Chinese Education & Society, 2019

How much is an improved school worth? Evidence from the comprehensive reform in compulsory education in Beijing
Ha; Yu+
Peking University Education Review, 2017
Outstanding Research Award (Ministry of Education of China)

A new research on the capitalization of school quality in housing prices: an empirical study based on repeated cross-sectional data in Beijing
Ha; Wu; Yu
Education & Economy, 2015

Preprints and Reports

Risk and protective factors of college students’ psychological well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic: emotional stability, mental health, and household resources [paper]
Moeller; von Keyserlingk; Spengler; Gaspard; Lee; Yamaguchi-Pedroza; Yu; Fischer; Arum
PsyArXiv, 2021

How universities can mind the skills gap [link][paper]
Lastra-Anadon; Das; Varshney; Raghavan; Yu
Center for the Governance of Change, IE University, 2021

Unsupervised representations predict popularity of peer-shared artifacts in online learning environment [paper][video]
Yu; Scott; Pardos
ArXiv, 2021
Best Paper Honorable Mention (AERA Conference on Educational Data Science)